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Our purpose is to bring readers to the work of William Gaddis (1922-1998), one of the most important and influential American writers of the 20th century, and to increase and deepen both the understanding and pleasure of his distinctive genius.

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Victoria Harding
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Victoria Harding, U.S.
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Steven Moore, U.S.
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John Schu, U.S.
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Daniel Beraca Visel, U.S.
Anja Zeidler, Germany

The project consists of a group, left, of Gaddis readers and scholars who came together mostly on the Gaddis-l discussion group, established by Ron Dulin who also created the original Gaddis site with the annotations for The Recognitions.  Steven Moore, the primary Gaddis scholar, author, and bibliographer, has joined us and sent his incomplete and otherwise unpublished annotations for J R, Carpenter's Gothic, A Frolic of His Own, and Agapē Agape, along with the revised and expanded A Reader's Guide to William Gaddis's The Recognitions, on the original site, along with his ongoing Gaddis bibliography, his Gaddis in Fiction list, and other materials. The group and Steven Moore have expanded and enhanced all the notes and bibliographic materials over the years, and added other Gaddis materials to them, including lists of characters and collections of tributes and of reminiscences.  This activity continues, and many visitors have sent suggestions and additions; contributions from all Gaddis readers are welcome.  

At the outset the support and encouragement received from Charles Monaghan, long-time Gaddis friend and promoter, and from Alan Westrope, who has unusual and interesting Gaddis material on his web site. were of great value. Anja Zeidler is especially helpful not only in providing new information but in organizing others' materials to make site work easier. Curtiss Leung has been involved in the thinking out of the site and its support from the beginning, and in addition to notes and organizational work, provides invaluable technical help. The site is owned and edited by Victoria Harding, who is responsible for everything that appears here. 

Please see the Contact page for inquiries about the Gaddis archives at Washington University or permissions and other information from the agent for the literary estate.

Gaddis readers everywhere are invited to send suggestions for additional notes, corrections or amplifications of current ones, and any comments and suggestions for the site in general.

--Victoria Harding
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