A Census of
A Frolic of His Own
compiled by Anja Zeidler
in printable Word format

From left to right:


Deborah Kallikak: "down a ribbon of disrepair prompted at discreet intervals along its way by names on the order of Whitney, Armstrong, here a Kalli­kak freshly lettered, even a Hannahan," p. 44 (47); see note 44.32 (47.17)


Fulton John Sheen: " they never really got on after her mother was converted by that wildeyed Bishop Sheed," (Christina telling Harry about Trish's mother), p. 238 (269); see note 238.2 (269.7)


Merganser: " does it say Elton? Reverend Elton Ude? That’s his old daddy," p. 294 (334); in CG he reminded Elisabeth Booth of a red-breasted merganser she had seen in a birds book.


The young Oliver Wendell Holmes: "grandfather […] and Holmes […] they were warm friends through their shared youthful experience in the Civil War," (letter by John Knize), p. 23 (23); see note 23.12 (23.6)


The older Oliver Wendell Holmes: " your grandfather, Justice Thomas Crease, was a colourful member, well known for his conflicts with his associate Justice Holmes," (letter by John Knize), p. 23 (23).


Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney: "down a ribbon of disrepair prompted at discreet intervals along its way by names on the order of Whitney, Armstrong," p. 44 (47).


Ainu: "the Ainu, the earliest inhabitants, they were a Neolithic people, short, dark, thick and hairy, heavy beards and hair all over their bodies," (Christina Lutz tells Harold Basie) p. 107 (119); cf. note 107.10 (119.32)


Eugene O'Neill: " See what put me in mind of O’Neill was some old Civil War play he wrote where there’s this old Southern mansion with all these Greek columns," (Harold Basie to Oscar Crease), p. 87 (96).


Jason Robards: "the curtain goes up on a torrent of obscen­ity or some burntout star who’s decided a revival of an old chestnut like your O’Neill," (Oscar), p. 87 (96); see note 87.28 (97.10)


Robert Redford: "a story line strong enough to accommodate even the severely limited talents of Rob­ert Bredford in the leading role," (Oscar reading), p. 47 (50).


Clint Eastwood: "grossly overplayed by aging exstar Clint Westwood in his first role since A Hatful of Sh*t," p. 49 (53); see note 49.22 (53.5)


Lhasa apso: "she bought a snaggletoothed little Lhasa apso and has to hide the Nembutal in the pâté she gives it because it’s simply driving her crazy," (Christina telling Lily about Trish's dog Pookie), p. 288 (327).


Gianni Versace: "Gianni wouldn't make me a shroud if they could see this coat right now," (Trish), p. 16 (15).


Harry Winston: " I mean Harry Winston doesn’t turn you out for a church supper in Kalamazoo," (Trish), p. 17 (15); see note 17.7 (15.32)


Hiawatha: "I think it’s a time for Hiawatha’s nap, I’m going up for a bath," (Christina tells Oscar), p. 237 (268); see note 236.35 (267.29)


Sidney Poitier as Emperor Jones: "they had a program there, kind of play acting therapy for the prisoners to help them under­stand their anger by venting their hostility in these plays they chose, The Emperor Jones, he’d done The Emperor Jones," (Oscar watching Basie's old buddy Button on tv), p. 245 (278).


Count Basie: "our friend Basie isn’t it? […] takes the name Basie because he likes the swing of it," 331 (378), see note 75.26 (83.17)


Mourning Becomes Electra, TV series 1978, directed by Nick Havinga: "The O’Neill estate Christina, the estate of Eu­gene O’Neill they’re suing me for infringing that old chestnut Mourning Becomes Electra. of all the..." p. 392.


Archie Bunker: " I’ve got to call Bunker the minute I get home," p. 16 (15); see note 17.3 (15.22)


Leona Hemsley: "Trish sends love, Trish Hemsley?" p. 24 (24); see note 24.16 (24.16)

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