Cover of the New York Times Magazine
 Sunday, February 25, 2001
Jonathan Lebed:
JR comes to life almost three decades later . . .

A young man considered by the Securities and Exchange Commission to be a stock manipulator was regarded by many as remarkably like Gaddis's character JR, updated about 30 years to the age of the Internet, where children now play as they once did on the telephone.  The articles are here for those who enjoy the spectacle of life imitating art, and for the posthumous pleasure of William Gaddis.

S.E.C. Desist order September 20, 2000

S.E.C. press release September 20, 2000

Alive & well:
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from Jonathan Lebed, 2006

February 25, 2001
Jonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities
by Michael Lewis

September 22, 2000
Named a Market Swindler at 15, He Likes Wrestling, 
the Mets and Penny Stocks

by Neil MacFarquhar

September 21, 2000
Teen Settles Stock Manipulation Case
by Gretchen Morgenson