The Cast
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Guitar-plunking friend of Rhoda.


Angel, Norman

Manager of the Bast family's General Roll plant in Astoria and husband of Stella Angel.


Angel, Stella

Daughter of Thomas Bast, wife of Norman Angel.


Bailey, Bill

Process server.


Bast, Anne & Julia

Unmarried aunts of Edward Bast and Stella Angel, sisters of Julia, James and Thomas Bast, residents of Bast family home on Long Island. 

Legal discussion with Coen, 3-17; discussion with Stella about Reuben and other family matters, 59-68; move to a nursing home in Indiana, 713.  AW

Bast, Charlotte

Deceased sister of Anne, Julia, James and Thomas Bast.


Bast, Dick

Deceased brother of "Father".


Bast, Edward

A composer who teaches at JR's high school, the son of James Bast; nephew of Anne and Julia Bast; placed in J R's junior high school as composer in residence by the Foundation. 

Rehearses Wagner's Das Rheingold , 32-36; gives educational TV lecture on Mozart, 39-44; tells Stella Angel he loves her, 71-2; helps Amy Joubert take students on field trip to buy one share of stock, 75-129; tries to get a job writing “nothing music,” 112; finds his studio vandalized, 137; seduced by Stella until Norman interrupts, 138-9; accepts Crawley's $200 commission to write “zebra music,” 202-6; fired by J R, 639; finds his house has disappeared, 664; taken to hospital by Coen, 668; gets Duncan as his hospital roommate, 670.  AW

Bast, "Father"

Deceased younger brother of Dick Bast, father of Anne, Julia, Charlotte, James and Thomas Bast.


Bast, James

Composer and father of Edward Bast, who is abroad for the duration of the novel.


Bast, Julia

Unmarried aunt of Edward Bast and Stella Angel, sister of Anne, James and Thomas Bast.


Bast, Nellie

Married Thomas after his first wife's death, cohabited with James Bast, mother of Edward, commits suicide.


Bast, Reuben

Orphan, musical prodigy of James Bast.


Bast, Thomas

Father of Stella Angel and president of General Roll Co.



Lawyer for Triangle Paper Products and the Schramm family.



Typhon's corporate secretary and general counsel.


Begg, Edgar

Park Commissioner in Union Falls .


Begg, Eunice

Eagle Mills stockholder who sues J R after his takeover of the company.


Begg, Judge R.V.

Judge in Union Falls , presiding over the action which dissolves the outstanding stock of Eagle Mills.



Lawyer for Jack Gibbs.


Black, Frank

Washington lawyer who functions as an unregistered lobbyist for Typhon.


Blaufinger, General

Led the German troops against the Allies at St. Fiacre in the Ardennes .


Box, General

Led Allied troops against Blaufinger at St. Fiacre, director of Typhon International.



Spokesman for Wagner Funeral Homes.


Brisboy, Mrs.

Brisboy's mother, compared to Cosima Wagner.


Broos, Senator

Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, involved in Typhon's machination in Gandia.


Bulcke, Miss

Secretary at Typhon International.



Student at J R's Junior High School, killed in Hyde's car crashing into diCephalis.






Secretary at Typhon International.


Cates, Gov. John

Amy Joubert's eighty-year-old great uncle, director of Typhon International.



Businessman, becomes President of Catania Paving.


Cobb, Ira

Neighbor of the Bast family in Indiana .



Lawyer for the Bast family and General Roll Company, typically anxious that his name not be thought to be Cohen. 

Legal discussion with Bast sisters, 3-17; charged with reckless driving after breaking his glasses at the Bast home, 150; discusses General Roll's legal and financial situation with Norman Angel, 353-61; takes Bast to hospital, 668.  (The name occurs on pp. 3, 4, 6, 61, 64, 65, 140, 149, 152, 156, 353, 355-61, 532, 624, 664-70, 674, 675, 682, 688, 713-5, 717-9. The name Cohen, which always refers to Coen, occurs on pp. 3-17, 61-3, 66, 232, 532, 675-9, 681, 682.) AW


Stockbroker, of Crawley & Bro.


Cutler, Richard

Typhon employee, who eventually marries Amy Joubert.






A transient living with Dan and Ann diCephalis, each of whom believes him to be the other's father.


Davidoff, David

Director of public relations for Typhon, then for J R Family of Companies.


Dé, Doctor

Defense Minister of Gandia, member of Idi tribe from Uaso province.


Decker, W.

Scam artist posing as an underwriter.



African-American domestic employed by Zona Selk.


DiCephalis, Ann

Wife of J R's school psychometrician.


DiCephalis, Dan

Psychometrician at J R's school, he is lost in Teletravel transmission.


DiCephalis, Donny

Son of Ann and Dan DiCephalis.


DiCephalis, Nora

Daughter of Ann and Dan DiCephalis.


Drovie, Bill

Deputy U.S. Marshall.


Duncan, Isadore

Head of wallpaper firm and Edward Bast's hospital roommate.


Duncan, Mister

Head of Duncan and Company book publishers.


Duncan, Vida

Classmate of Zona Selk, wife of book publisher Duncan.





Eigen, David

Four-year-old son of Thomas and Marian Eigen.


Eigen, Marian

Wife of Thomas Eigen.


Eigen, Thomas

Writer who shares the Ninety-Sixth apartment with Gibbs, working as speech writer.


Fedders, Mr.

Official with the Teacher's Union .


Flesch, Miss

Teacher and "curriculum specialist" at J R's school, later hired by Davidoff as "project director."



Secretary at Typhon International.



"Program Specialist" for the Foundation.



From the Foundation, working on a book about educational TV programming in schools.



Partner in the law firm of Ganganelli, Pecci and Peretti.


Gibbs, Jack

Teaches physics at J R's school, writer.


Gibbs, Rose

Jack Gibb's daughter.



Mollenhoff's secretary at Endo Appliance.



Teaches sixth grade math at J R's school.


Gottlieb, Mr.

Works at a Cadillac dealership in Massapequa .


Grynszpan, Hyman

Pseudonym concocted by Gibbs for purposes of financial evasion.


Haight, Father

Works at parochial school in Massapequa .


Haight, General

Two-star Army general, brother of Father Haight.


Handler, Doctor

Cate's doctor and former classmate.


Hopper, Bunky

Son of Fred Hopper.


Hopper, Fred

President of bank that takes over the receivership of Eagle Mills.


Hyde boy

J R's closest friend, son of Major Hyde.


Hyde, Major

Employee at Typhon subsidiary Endo Appliance, member of school board.








Joubert, Emily

Teaches social studies at J R's school, married to, but separated from Lucien Joubert, daughter of Monty Moncrieff.


Joubert, Francis

Amy and Lucien Joubert's seven-year-old son.


Joubert, Lucien

Swiss national married to Amy Moncrieff Joubert, executive with Nobili.








Lemp, Mr.

Bast family attorney in Indiana .



Foreman at General Roll Company.



Custodian at J R's school.


Leva, Ben F.

Moviemaker from Erebus Productions.





Malinovsky, Mr.

Head of the crew hired by Zona Selk to remove Schepperman's painting from Typhon's corporate lobby.


Meow, Chairman

Rhoda's cat, drowns in bathtub.


Milliken, Senator

U.S. Senator from an unnamed Western state with whom J R Family of Companies tries to curry a favor.


Mollenhoff, Herbert

Major Hyde's boss at Endo Appliance.


Moncrieff, Freddie

Amy Joubert's retarded brother, son of Monty Moncrieff, Gibbs' schoolmate.


Moncrieff, Monty

Amy Joubert's father, head of Typhon International until he leaves to accept a Cabinet Undersecretary position in Washington .


Mooneyham, Mr.

Alcoholic President of X-L Lithography.


Moyst, Colonel

Army officer involved in Typhon's machinations


Mullins, Kenny

Salesman with General Roll in Dayton , Ohio .



Secretary at General Roll Company.






Zona Selk's chauffeur.


Nowunda President

Marxist-leaning President of Gandia.









Owner of Catania Paving.


Pecci, Congressman

State legislator, member of the state banking committee, partner in the law firm of Ganganelli, Pecci, and Peretti.


Pecci, Janice

Wife of Congressman Pecci.



Partner in the law firm of Ganganelli, Pecci, and Peretti.


Piscator, Arnold "Nonny"

General counsel for the J R Family of Companies.


Pomerance, Mr.

Piscator's brother, who changed his name, head of public relations firm Pomerance Associates.









Schramm's young lover, pushed out the window by Pecci during a publicity stunt.






Painter, fired as art teacher at J R's school.



Writer who lives down the hall from Eigen and Gibbs in the Ninety-Sixth Street apartment building.


Schramm, Mrs.

Schramm's stepmother, younger than Schramm.


Selk, Boody

Teenage daughter of Zona Selk.


Selk, Zona

Controls 200,000 shares of Diamond Cable common stock on behalf of her daughter Boody.


Sheets, Major

Army procurement officer who buys wooden picnic forks from J R


Shorter, Billy

Union leader at Eagle Mills.



Head of sales for Duncan and Company.



Bookie who operates out of the cafeteria managed by Urquhart.



Business and big-game hunting associate of Crawley 's


Stye, Mr.

African-American insurance agent.


Suggs, Hardy

Cab driver, Gibbs claims he stole his right shoe.


Szyrk, R.

Sculptor, a dog is trapped in his sculpture Cyclone Seven.





Teakell, Vern

District superintendant of schools, killed in car wreck.


Teets, J.

Agent at Massapequa train station.



Secretary at General Roll.


Ude, Judge

Judge in Surrogate Court .



Cafeteria manager.








Vansant, J R

Eleven-year-old boy who becomes head of the J R Family of Companies.


Vogel, Coach

Teaches driver education at J R's school, director of research and development at Ray-X.

Hired by JR subsidiary Ray-X as director of research and development, 527. (The name occurs on pp. 18, 22, 29, 46, 176, 220, 237, 240, 241, 308-10, 312, 328, 329, 341, 451, 458, 459, 498, 527, 528, 645, 673, 674.) AW




Waddams, Nurse

Works first at J R's junior high school, then at the hospital, where Angel, Bast, Cates and Duncan are being treated.

The name occurs on pp. 183, 240, 319, 333, 337, 341, 450, 669, 670, 674, 687, 688. AW

Wall, Mr.

California stockbroker used by J R.


Walldecker, Mr.

Runs Angels East and Angels West.


Whiteback, Principal

Principal of J R's school and president of local bank.

Given job with Federal Communications Commission, 710. (The name occurs on pp. 18, 19, 23, 24, 27, 31, 38-40, 44-7, 49-52, 165, 169, 174, 175, 177-85, 220, 222-9, 236, 237, 239-41, 312, 313, 320-3, 325-8, 330-2, 338, 340, 342, 346, 449-57, 459-61, 463, 484, 497, 649.) AW

Wiles, Frank



Wonder, George

Head of Wonder Brewery.





Yellow Brook, Charlie

Representative of a Native American tribe from whom J R agrees to lease gas and mineral exploration rights for twenty years.







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