Translating Gaddis
Translation of any work of literature is always a difficult business at best, but Gaddis's works with their various unconventional structures and the wealth of what seems like transcribed speech in all its colloquial, deceptive, and humorous glory, present to his translators an especially challenging task. In these pages some of them have kindly agreed to describe something of the experience of translating Gaddis's writings out of his and into their own languages.
(pages in progress)
Marcus Ingendaay
German translator of
The Recognitions>>>Die Fälschung der Welt

and Agapē Agape, and
co-translator of J R

Nikolaus Stingl
German translator of
A Frolic of His Own>>>Letzte Instanz
French translator of
Agapē Agape >>>Agonie d'agapé

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